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hmbpm baleapop

"How Many BPM?" installation & performance at Baleapop Festival 7 (FR). 24-29/august/2016

fougere blam studio

"FOUGÈRE - sensitive research about skateboarding" Exhibition and video-concert at Blam Studio, Berlin. 14/nov/2015

fougere hermitage

"FOUGÈRE - recherches sensibles sur le skateboard" Exhibition and video-concert at L'Hermitage, Paris. 07/nov/2015

fougere mont de marsant

"FOUGÈRE - recherches sensibles sur le skateboard" Video-concert at Mont de Marsan's Mediathèque. 03/oct/2015

fougere bayonne

"FOUGÈRE - recherches sensibles sur le skateboard" Video-concert at Spacejunk Art-center, Bayonne. 19-20/nov/2015

fougere lourde ambiance

"FOUGÈRE - recherches sensibles sur le skateboard" Video-concert at Lourde Ambiance, Bordeaux. 21/nov/2015

expo baniere flvr l'hermitage"Le Progrès", tematic born from the collaboartion between the artist Benjamin Artola and the FLVR collective has been revisited by the guests of l’Hermitage Galery (Paris, France): Coraline de Chiara, Clément Chouleur, Youri Fernandez, Iouri Camicas, Clément Le Masson, Gilles Iramuno and Maria Jacquin.events le progres flvr benjamin artola affiche bonobolabo 2 "Le Progres" is an exhibition born from the collaboration between FLVR and Benjamin Artola. It shows the 3 board grafics we made together, and some artwork out from Benjamin's grafics creation process. The first show took place in Bonobolabo (Ravenna, Italy), a space dedicated to skateboard and art.